Ayursatva – “Ayurvedic Product For Child Health”

As per research & survey of 2010 to 2017, the malnutrition of the child of Indian society is burning issue now a days. Dr. Nitin Thorat was thinking & researching the perfect & useful solution for this problem in his daily practices.

So that he had designed the sugar based Ayurvedic formulation containing Gold, Moti, Keshar & other ayurvedic medicines which helps in development of child by physically & mentally. It has time tested positive results more than 80% of the targeted group of children.

According to Ayurveda biological gold has itself property of purification of negative body elements, building positive biological material in the body & enhance the immune system in the body.

Moti & its biological form has capacity to balance the Calcium & mineral levels of the body & also nourishment of the mental level cool & calm that is useful in hyperactive children.

Keshar & Sanshamani loh are the direct components for purification of Blood leading to nourishment of each cell of body in balanced & natural condition.

Other composition of Ayursatva like Laghu Malini Vasant, Suvarna Makardhwaja, Praval Panchamrut, Shatavari Kalp have key role in building immune system & cracking the backbone of the disease forming systems created in body.

Ayursatva Composition unitedly nourishes the child health with positive aspect & results in weight gain, healthy body & mind. So Dr. Nitin Thorat is presenting it for the society with positive aspect & thus help to strengthen the nest generation up the India and globe with healthy body & mind.

Hope, Ayursatva may be landmark position in the market which will provide the best remedy for the malnutrition of the children in the society.

Going toward Positivity…….

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