All kids deserve a good quality of clinical consideration. As a parent, it is critical to know about the most forward-thinking in Children Ayurvedic Medicine & treatment rules so you can be certain your Children is getting the most ideal consideration. There might be reasons why your pediatrician has various proposals for your kid, particularly if your children has a progressing ailment or sensitivity. Your pediatrician will talk about any varieties in treatment with you. In the event that you have any inquiries regarding fitting consideration for your kid, if you don’t mind examine them with your pediatrician. 

Children Sore Throat Treatment in Ayurveda

Sore throats are basic in kids and can be difficult. In any case, an irritated throat that is brought about by an infection needn’t bother with anti-toxins. In those cases, no particular medication is required, and your kid ought to show signs of improvement in seven to ten days. Such different cases, an irritated throat could be brought about by a disease called streptococcal (strep throat). 

Children Ear Pain Treatment in Ayurveda

Ear torment is normal in kids and can have numerous causes—including ear contamination (otitis media), swimmer’s ear (disease of the skin in the ear waterway), pressure from a cold or sinus disease, teeth torment transmitting up the jaw to the ear, and others. . To differentiate, your pediatrician should inspect your youngster’s ear. Truth be told, an in-office test is as yet the most ideal route for your pediatrician to make an exact finding. On the off chance that your kids’s ear torment is joined by a high fever, includes the two ears, or if your kid has different indications of disease, your pediatrician may conclude that an anti-infection is the best treatment. 

Children Skin Infection Treatment in Ayurveda

In most kids with skin contaminations, a skin test (culture or swab) might be expected to decide the most suitable treatment. Tell your PCP if your kid has a background marked by MRSA, staph disease, or other safe microscopic organisms or in the event that the person has been presented to other relatives or contacts with safe microorganisms. 

Children Cough Treatment in Ayurveda

Hacks are typically brought about by infections and don’t regularly require anti-infection agents. Hack medication isn’t suggested for kids 4 years old and more youthful, or for youngsters 4 to 6 years old except if exhorted by your PCP. Studies have reliably indicated that hack medications don’t work in the 4-years-and-more youthful age gathering and have the potential for genuine symptoms. Hack medications with opiates, for example, codeine—ought not to be utilized in youngsters. 

Children Chickenpox Treatment in Ayurveda

Varicella infection causes chickenpox. Inoculation is normal now, and it is uncommon to see a customary case now. Prior to the immunization, it was an extremely normal reason for medical clinic affirmation. In spite of the fact that chickenpox contamination is normally a kind (yet awkward) occasion in a kid’s life, there is a critical danger of extreme entanglements, including bacterial skin diseases, pneumonia, and others. That is the explanation that immunization is prescribed and schedule.

What are the Causes of Children’s Disease

Ayurvedic Sanhitas have perfectly clear perspectives about Children’s Diseases.

  • Food Habits 
  • Utilization of hot and low-quality nourishments, chocolates, Burgers, Pizzas, Milkshakes, Curd, Pickle, Bakery items, Chinese food sources, Ice creams, Milk and natural products mixes Etc. 
  • Late-night food and getting up 
  • Long haul utilization of Allopathic medications like Asthalin Sprays, Antibiotics, Anti Histaminic drugs, Anti Pyretic Drugs Etc. 
  • Synthetically created grains 
  • Dangerous and aged Maternal Diet During Ante Netal Care 
  • Cold Drinks, Chilled Water, constant Air Cooler air Etc.

Ayurvedic Treatments for Children Diseases

Shaman Ayurvedic Chikitsa

Ayurvedic medicines can be administered to the child accordingly to signs & symptoms of the Disease. Many of the ayurvedic drugs are very commonly used for boosting the immune system of the Child.
One of the most commonly used treatment is “Suvarna Prashan Chikitsa”. It helps to boost up the memory,strength,immune system of the child & very welknown in the Indian Society now a days.
Also some of the Rasaushadhis like Lghu Malini Vasant ,Arogyavardhini, Krumikuthar Ras  etc are to be used commonly for the ailments of the diseases of the children .

Shodhana Ayurvedic Chikitsa

Shodhana concept of herbs, minerals, and metals may have existed since the time of the Ayurvedic classics but details about the procedure can be traced only after the initiation of Rasashastra / Rasachikitsa (Mineral therapy). It also revealed that Shodhana is responsible for the transformation or addition of medicinal properties while undergoing various ayurveda treatment.