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The name itself derives its meaning “Hyperacidity”. Hyper which means extra or more and acidity means the increase amount of acid. Hyperacidity is nothing but an increased level of acidity in our stomach. Hyperacidity is known as Amlapitta in Ayurveda (Amla means sour and Pitta means heat).


Ayurvedic Treatment for Arthritis & Back Pain Low back pain is a general human encounter nearly everybody has it sooner or later. The lower back, which begins beneath the ribcage, is known as the lumbar locale. Torment here can be extreme and is one of the top reasons for missed work. Luckily, low back torment […]


All kids deserve a good quality of clinical consideration. As a parent, it is critical to know about the most forward-thinking in Children Ayurvedic Medicine & treatment rules so you can be certain your Children is getting the most ideal consideration. There might be reasons why your pediatrician has various proposals for your kid, particularly […]


Infertility Treatment in Ayurveda A great many people will want to consider a kid sooner or later during their lifetime. Understanding what characterizes ordinary richness is critical to helping an individual, or couple, know when the time has come to look for help. Most couples (roughly 85%) will accomplish pregnancy inside one year of endeavoring, […]


Piles Treatment in Ayurveda Piles are swollen veins situated around the butt or in the lower rectum. Around 50 percent of grown-ups encountered the manifestations of hemorrhoids (Piles) by the age of 50. Curing Piles can either be inner or outer bowel movements. Inner hemorrhoids create inside the rear-end or rectum. Outer hemorrhoids create outside […]


Ayurvedic Treatment For Psoriasis Skin Problems (Psoriasis) fluctuate enormously in side effects and seriousness. They can be brief or lasting and might be effortless or difficult. Some have situational causes, while others might be hereditary. Some skin conditions are minor, and others can be dangerous.While most skin issues or disorders are minor, others can show […]

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