पंचकर्म – आयुर्वेदातील शरिरशुद्धीकरण

Panchakarma – Body Purification in Ayurveda

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Today, Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medical science, and Indian people are found to be averse to treating Ayurveda  as compared to people all over the world. But unfortunately, the mindset of Indian society still does not seem to be moving towards Ayurveda with the concept of “grandmother’s wallet or kitchen Ayurveda”. Ayurveda is a science that is natural or attached to nature. According to the basic principle of “Pindi to cosmos”, what is in nature is in this body And so, the use of nature’s elements, objects, plants and plants can be seen as a minimal loss and a natural transformation into more and more physical elements. Thus, Ayurvedic medicine is an alternative to using natural resources. In the same way, there are some remedies mentioned in Ayurveda as there is a need for treatment but it should not be occured in the body.

Nowadays we see that in the allopathic sciences, various diseases cause “vaccination” in children, from various types of children to older ones. These include hepatitis B, rabies, Titanus, rotavirus vaccine, etc. Many vaccinations are done. “Prevention is better than cure” This principle has long been stated in Ayurveda.

 ”स्वस्थस्य स्वास्थ्य रक्षणं व्याधितस्य व्याधिपरिमोक्षणं !!”

This is the first formula of Ayurveda. According to this principle, in Ayurveda, how should a healthy body be a person’s routine? How should the season be? What is nature? How should a person of nature live? What to eat? What to Avoid? Who should eat a bitter, salty, bitter? No one should eat sour? These matters are considered in detail. Also, due to poor dietary lifestyle, toxins  are produced in the body and the immune system is reduced. In such cases, there is a temporary use even in the treatment of medicines. In Ayurveda, however, there are five types of karma (Detoxification Procedures) according to the natural nature of vat, Pitta &  kapha to remove these toxins out of the body. These five types of processes are called Panchakarma.

In this, the process of “vomiting” is carried out scientifically by reversing toxins in the form of deformed cuffs in the body. These include psoriasis, asthma, various skin disorders, acidity, diabetes, menstrual complaints, rheumatism (swelling of joints, swelling of joints), kidney disorders ,  Urticaria ,gall bladder stone, unlimited weight gain, infertility in women, Various diseases in the area of Head , nasal congestion,,DNS, constant cold, sneezing, This is the cause of the distorted Kapha for many diseases like these. Also, since there should be no sickness & many diseases can be prevented by “vomiting” once a year in the spring, i.e. after the cold season, by following their nature around Chaitra (March / April).

Next, the body cleansing process is called “Virechan” In this, the toxins grown in the form of deformed bile are scientifically disposed of. Different types of heat disorders, heart disorders, paralysis, skin disorders, stomach disorders, indigestion, rectum, stomach ulcers, various types of eye diseases, various eye diseases, intestinal inflammation, jaundice, various disorders of the digestive tract, swelling on the whole body. , Nasal bleeding, respiratory disorders, BP Growth, mental illness, frequent headaches, gallstones, various liver diseases. Apart from this, these diseases should be done mainly in autumn and autumn (November / December / January / February). Many patients or healthy individuals perform this Virechan  every year because they have experienced the benefits of it in the past year.

Next, the process of cleaning is called “Basti”. This is done mainly for “Vaat Dosh”. In Ayurveda, “Basti” is described as “half cure” for all kinds of ailments. The element of body “Vat” is of special importance in Ayurveda. Sources say that nothing in the body can happen without this atmosphere. This can be the main cause of the illness, whether it is any disease or worse. All kinds of Vata disorders, joints disorders, spinal disorders, Ankolysing spondilytis, lumber spondylosis, cervical spondylosis, muscular spasm, uterine defect, menstrual Disorders in women, various bowel disorders, etc. In many disorders, the decoctions  of various drugs, medicinal proven milk, medicinal oils, Medicated Ghee is released into the body through the rectum .This drug is absorbed by the blood vessels in the digestive tract and causes unexpected work on the upper disorders. This Basti karma is mainly done in the rainy season for a healthy person.

The next process is called “Nasya” . the process of eliminating toxins through pouring medicinal oils, ghee, milk, powdered medicinesinto nasal cavities .There is a formula in Ayurveda called “NASA hi Shiraso Dwaram … !!” … The path to reach the headrest is through nasal cavities. So it can be done in various brain disorders, facial skin disorders, chronic cold, nasal congestion,Deviated nasal septum , mental disorders, fits. , Hormonal Imbalance in Women, Facial Paralysis, chronic ear disorders, various eye diseases.

The last of the Panchakarma, the fifth activity, is the “blood liberation”. This means the removal of unclean blood in the body. “रक्तं जीव इति स्थिति..!! “ is the formula of Ayurveda. Blood is a lifesaving ailment so it must be protected under any circumstances. Various Diseases like Psoriasis, skin disorders, swelling of joints, redness, aches, bloating, blisters  Urticaria, hair loss (hair fall) due to various causes, Diseases like skin rashes, toes swelling, gout, vericose veins, etc are due to impure blood. This causes the patient to become quite restless. It is used paralely with any treatment is taken. In such cases, when the unclean blood is drained out of the body through “blood letting”, it will help to cure the disease completely and quickly. In the autumn season, methodological blood letting can keep the body healthy and protect the body from all incurable diseases.

It is best to do all five types of activities as a cure for disease and do not have to cause disease in the body. Once a year, if you go to the nearest physician to find out what karma you need according to your nature, everyone can enjoy the benefits of mental health by keeping the body immune, digestive system, liver, kidney, spleen, respiratory organs sound & fit.

Many patients outside India, recognizing the importance of this Panchakarma treatment as well as promoting the Panchakarma treatment by “World Health Organization”, come to India under special medical tourism and go to various ayurvedic clinics or hospitals and spend millions of rupees and get health. We Indians, however, are averse to this world-renowned Shastra in the illusion that Ayurveda is untrue or comes of late results, and we are alternatively harming ourselves. In the meantime, if you practice faith in your ancient medicine by expressing your faith in research. I can conclude following the limits of writing with the hope of achieving what the Vedasutra says,

सर्वे सुखिनः सन्तु सर्वे सन्तु निरामयः !!”

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